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This is not strictly a baking related post but I couldn’t resist sharing with you the wonderful food experience I have had today.

My lovely cake friends and I took a trip to Borough Market in London. A couple of my friends had been before but I had never been and have to confess that I didn’t know much (if anything!) about it. So I did what any millennial worth their salt does and Googled it! The website describes the market as: “London’s most renowned food market; a source of exceptional British and international produce” (so far so good) and a haven for “anybody who cares about the quality and provenance of the food they eat” (sounds great) and “people who just happen to love eating and drinking” (count me in!).image

And eat and drink we did. First up was Bread Ahead for brunch (well it HAD been a couple of hours since breakfast…). I was very excited to visit this stall as I have just bought Justin Gellatly’s book “Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding” and the recipes look amazing. The whole stall looked so tempting but I just had to try the famous doughnuts. There were so many to choose from – lemon curd, chocolate, vanilla, jam, hazelnut & almond praline. It was such a tough choice but in the end I went for the creme caramel and salted honeycomb and oh boy, did I make a good choice. We wandered to a quieter spot to enjoy our fabulous treats – as my friend Michelle put it “it’s impossible to eat it in a ladylike way, you just have to shove it in!”.

Suitably fortified we started to explore the labyrinthine maze of cakes, bread, cheese, pate, chutneys, spices and much more. We saw zebra burgers and kangaroo sausages (I wasn’t brave enough to try one this time- maybe next time!), live lobster and the freshest fruit and veg. It was a food lover’s paradise.image

We walked past Borough Olives and I just couldn’t resist getting a selection to try at home – I am particularly looking forward to trying the piri piri stuffed olives! The stall holders are so friendly and most will give you a sample to try before you buy. Olivier’s Bakery were taking fresh baguettes out of the oven as we walked past and the smell drew us all to the stall! I tried a piece of the freshly baked baguette and it was delicious – I was so tempted to buy one of everything but managed (just) to limit myself to a black olive loaf.

Next up was Spice Mountain, a treasure trove of spices from the usual to the weird and wonderful! I spied a pot of mastic which was in the recipe for flaounes which Paul Hollywood set as the technical challenge on the Great British Bake Off couple of weeks ago. I didn’t buy it as I had no idea what other recipes it might be used in! Any suggestions Paul? I did buy some wonderful curry mixes though and the helpful assistant pointed me to their website where I will find recipes for the mixes.image

After a hard morning(!) we headed to Wokit for lunch. The concept was simple – choose your noodles or rice, then meat and veg, then sauce. I (eventually) settled on rice noodles, chicken, pak choi and mushrooms in a teriyaki sauce but the Coconut curry, Veg Pot and Jiggie Sesame also come highly recommended from my friends!

Now that we were laden down with savoury treats and full up from lunch we decided we needed something sweet to round off the day and Borough Market did not disappoint! The pick your own fudge at Whirld was a huge test of my self control but I managed to limit myself to some white chocolate fudge for the hubby. Well done me! I deserve a reward for that…oh look there’s Konditor and Cook! I had never heard of this incredible shop before but the cakes and pastries looked spectacular. I bought two mini lemon meringue pies and have put their cookbook on my christmas list.

A detour via Bread Ahead again (I just couldn’t go home without some more of those doughnuts – lemon curd and chocolate this time) and then a final stop at Turnip for some blackberries to go in the apple pie I am baking tonight and we were done.image

It was a brilliant day spent in food heaven with my lovely friends and I can highly recommend a trip to Borough Market if you get a chance.

I could rave about the market all day but I have an apple pie in the oven so I’d better leave it there for now. Happy weekend all, I’m off to enjoy the treats I picked up today!


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